Colour of the Year: 2019 will be a year of Optimism and Warmth

Black or white, red or blue, green or purple, yellow or orange… colours have a big impact on our moods. They can influence buying choices, push us to greater efforts, or make us feel calm and help us relax. Colours also influence how we see and judge others, and how we want to be seen and perceived. So it’s no wonder if choosing the colour of the year is no easy task. Nor is it surprising that there’s more than one.

After this year’s vibrant neon purple from Pantone, and the calmer Heart Wood from Dulux, the colour trend for the new year seems to head towards optimism and warmth.

The Pantone Institute has chosen Living Coral for its colour of the year and describes it as “vibrant, yet mellow” and “with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens.”

It’s easy to imagine the fashion world embracing Living Coral with great enthusiasm as either an eye-catching accent colour paired with softer neutrals like grey and cream, or as an outright party shade, bold and bright and impossible to miss. It’s a shade that’s supposed to play well on social media, drawing us in and keeping us interested, so graphic and web designers are bound to take note of it.

And while Living Coral is no doubt bound to make its way into our homes – think soft furnishings, lampshades, accent pieces – the colour paint manufacturer Dulux has chosen as its colour of the year is easier to live with.

After 2017s Denim Drift, and 2018s Heart Wood, the Dulux colour of the year 2019 is Spiced Honey.

A neutral amber tone, Spiced Honey exudes just that warmth and optimism that everyone expects to rule our lives in the next months. It’s also a colour that’s very versatile around the home. It can settle in almost any colour scheme, depending what colours you pair it with.

Mixed with grey-toned browns and creams and accented with cobalt and burgundy, Spiced Honey will help you create a warm, soothing environment where it’s easy to shed the stress of the day.

Dusky blues and purples as well as grey combine with Spiced Honey in a colour palette that’s restful, dreamy and calming. Gorgeous for cool bedrooms or your own quiet space.

Deeper hues like teal, auburn or paprika add a cosy vibe to Spiced Honey than anyone with makeover plans for their dining room should take a closer look at.

And while it’s a neutral shade, Spiced Honey can also work well with vibrant hues like orange, red, or royal blue in childrens rooms or home offices.

Decorating with Spiced Honey tones doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your home. It blends with most colour schemes, and works well with wood and painted furniture alike, whether you prefer a traditional style or want to create a thoroughly modern home.

To find out how well the new Dulux Colour of the Year can work in your home, check out this article on the Dulux website.

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Welcome to our Black Friday Sale!

It’s that time of year again! It gets darker sooner, shops are brightly lit and cheerfully decorated and everyone is offering fantastic bargains in their Black Friday Sale.

We’re no exception.

Right now we’re gearing up for a fabulous weekend of great furniture and amazing deals. Our Banbury and Bicester stores will be open from 9am – 5.30pm on Saturday and from 10am-4pm on Sunday, and you can find items from our long-running favourites oak and pine ranges, and all our newest furniture collections at mouthwatering prices.

Our clearance areas aren’t being left empty either. If you’re worried that you might have more guests come Christmas Day then you have dining chairs, then come take a look at our selection of emergency chairs from £19!

We also have deeply discounted wardrobes, dining tables, dressers and sideboards, chests of drawers, bookcases and desks, plus a raft of single items and accessories from stunning baskets to vintage signs and from canvas prints to collectable models.

Items in our clearance area are samples, end-of-line or ex-display pieces, so stock is limited. If you see anything you like – in our weekend Facebook posts, for example – then please message us or call the store to check availability or reserve the item.

There’s plenty of free parking outside both of our stores and all available items are ready to be taken away. Alternatively, we also offer free local delivery. Right now, we’re still able to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on many of our products, but this may change as we get closer to December. Place your order now to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you in store!

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Console Tables: More than just Hallway Decor

Few furniture items have changed their looks and purpose as much as the console table. Back in the 17th century, console tables were used to add symmetry to grand rooms. Placed against a wall, they were often semicircular in shape, intricately decorated, and only had two legs rather than the four we’re accustomed to seeing these days. And to stop them from tipping over, the original console tables were fixed to the wall with brackets called… you guessed it… consoles.

As the years passed, console tables stopped being simply gorgeous decor pieces. They acquired four legs, drawers, and shelves and lost some of the decoration in the process until they became the versatile, fuctional pieces we all know and love, even though they’re still mostly placed against a wall or the back of a sofa.

Whether you favour modern decor or like a more traditional style, there are few pieces of furniture that lend themselves to so many different uses around  the home. Here are a few of them…

A focus point for your hallway

Most console tables are narrow pieces that offer storage space as well as display space, which makes them ideally suited for use in a hallway.

Often the first piece of furniture a visitor gets to see, they can be statement pieces, or give a hint as to the kind of decor to expect in your home.

And for everyday use, they’ll offer a space for a phone, a smart table lamp or a touch of greenery. They’re somewhere to set down mail and store notepads and keys, all while leaving most of the precious hallway space to you.

A smart workspace

Not everyone has, or wants  to have, a dedicated home office. But most of us can appreciated a dedicated place to sit and deal with bills or correspondence. And in this age of laptops and tablets with detachable keyboards a console table works perfectly well as a sleek workstation that doesn’t steal too much space from the rest of your room.

The drawers will help keep all necessary items in one place, and a blanket box and smart basket placed beside it offer space for files and paperwork.

Bedroom essential

Who wouldn’t – given half a chance – love a bigger bedroom? In many modern homes a bed, wardrobe, chests and bedsides can already be a tight fit in any bedroom space, so what if you wanted a dressing table or somewhere to place a TV?

Given their space-efficient design, modern console tables are a shoe-in for all manner of uses. Without taking up too much room, they can turn into a smart TV stand or do double duty as a dressing table without making you feel too cramped. Our new 1950s Retro Mango style, with it’s long, tapered legs is particularly helpful there, since the design just breathes “space”.

And if you’re hosting a party and need a drinks station or buffet space, then your trusty console table can be pressed into service all over again. Did we mention they’re the most versatile pieces of furniture? Truly, they are.

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New in Store: the Melbourne Furniture Collection

Wander any home decor store and you can’t fail to notice the abundance of copper accessories. From lampshades to bowls and flower pots to door handles, copper has become an enduring fixture in home decor, and that’s no wonder. Copper works well with all neutrals. It adds instant warmth and a touch of luxury. And depending on your chosen finish, it suits modern, traditional and even rustic settings.

Copper decor items have made their way into our homes via the kitchen, which has always been their traditional “home”, but we believe that copper can play an equally important part in your dining room decor, and most especially if you have chosen painted furniture like our new Melbourne furniture collection.

Smartly styled painted furniture with oak tops, we offer the Melbourne furniture collection in four delectable shades: white, ivory, truffle and French Grey – all of which play well when paired with copper accessories.

Melbourne dining furniuture in ivory | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Bright, shiny, polished copper pieces like lampshades or flowerpots add chic highlights to a modern interior. Polished copper works well with white or very pale walls, and warms white or ivory painted furniture. Add contrasting dining chairs to turn your dining room into a bright, inviting space with a touch of modern style.

Melbourne furniture collection in Truffle shade | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Truffle is a shade much used in coffeeshops and cafes in recent times and there’s a good reason for that. A truffle finish tends to bring out the red in copper accessories and results in a lively, warm and welcoming room – just the thing you want for your dining room. Choose copper ornaments with a beaten or slightly rustic finish, add dark red napkins and table runners – and your guests will feel immediately at home.

Melbourne Furniture collection in French Grey | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterThe newest shade in our Melbourne furniture collection is the French Grey we’ve just taken delivery of. Grey has been a favoured colour for both walls and furniture all year and its popularity isn’t waning.  Designers and interior decorators keep finding new ways to marry the two colours.

Pale walls, French Grey furniture, cream chairs, and shiny copper lights create a lovely calm, elegant dining room,  while slightly darker walls and copper ornaments with a more rustic finish add warmth and a cosy touch in rooms with a traditional design.

All our Melbourne furniture is made to give you many years of use and pleasure. All you need to do is decide on your favourite shade. White, ivory, truffle or French Grey… which is it going to be?



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New in Store: Retro Style

When it comes to furniture, the term retro style is often used to describe furniture designs from the 1950s and 1960s. Compared to older styles, furniture produced during those decades was often much less ornate. Uncluttered, sleek lines and geometric forms were the norm, as was the use of new materials.

Our newest furniture collection doesn’t rely on such 1950s staples as formica tables or chrome stools, but it has the same sleek, unfussy look that made 1950s furniture design such an enduring hit.

Retro Style furniture from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

The dining table set reveals round, tapered legs set a wide angle, and a tabletop with gently rounded ends. The dining chairs are designed with generous seats and a high, curved backrest.

1950s furniture design relied on low coffeetables, consoles, chests, and sideboards, and our living room furniture pieces beautifully reflect this trend. The coffeetables with their thin, softly rounded triangular tabletops are available in a range of sizes and heights. Paired with a rug, as in the image below, the pieces will catch the eye with their poise and elegance.

Add 1950s style to your home with our newest retro style furniture collection. | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

If you enjoy retro or vintage-inspired decor, you’d do well to stop by and check out our newest collection and try it on for size. You’ll find each piece well made and very pleasing to look at. A stunning trip down memory lane.

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Extra Deals on the Final Days of our Halloween Frenzy Sale!

We can no longer deny it, autumn is making an appearance. The mornings are misty, the leaves have started to turn colour, and this weekend it’s expected to grow colder and more wintery. It’s the right weather to indulge in a spot of furniture shopping and since pumpkins and other spooky paraphernalia are appearing in the shops we thought it’s a good time to add some spooktastic deals to the seasonal offerings!

Halloween Decor Ideas from A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Our giant Halloween Frenzy Sale is in full swing and we’ve got some hauntingly stunnning reductions in our Bicester and Banbury stores and on our website.

Until the ghosts and witches head home – which is at midnight on October 31st – you can take advantage of some spooktacular deals, both in the main stores and in our clearance areas. There’s something for everyone whether you prefer pine or oak, need something to furnish the hallway or your child’s bedroom.

The savings are considerable, and we’ve lined up some extra offers in our clearance areas. If additional storage is high on your wishlist, then come check out our extensive range of oak, ash, and painted chests of drawers which – right now – are available at very deep discounts.

Whether you’re looking for a chest that’s tall and narrow, or one that’s low and long, we can help. Available drawer combinations are equally impressive as is the variety of colours and finishes on offer.

Our clearance area also has an excellent selection of dining tables and dining chairs at some rather tasty prices. So if you’re dreaming of a new dining table to seat all the family for a cosy autumn meal, then Bicester is the place to be.

Remember, all these deals are only available until midnight on October 31st!

Happy furniture shopping!
We look forward to welcome you!

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5 Things to Consider When Creating a Hardworking Home Office

It’s a discussion we keep having over and over: what makes a hardworking home office? It’s a little different for everyone, of course. Some of us run a business from home, others need a quiet space to study, and others yet want to craft or just keep the household paperwork organised.

There are probably as many definitions of a hardworking home office as there are people setting one up, but… there are also things they all have in common. Or should have. Clean, comfortable, ergonomic, bright and inspirational are all good terms to keep in mind when designing your workspace, along with these five things we believe are vital.

A Dedicated Workstation

Hidden Office from our Mobel Oak collectionWhether it’s an all-singing all-dancing desk with built-in computer trays and cable management, or an old kitchen table set in a corner, having a workstation is the first step to your very own hardworking home office.

The height should let you work comfortably, and there should be enough room for whatever you’re using to do your work, whether it’s a laptop, a bunch of files or a drawing board. Leaving a corner for your coffee mug would be a good idea, too.

Comfortable Seating

Again, seating is a very personal choice. Whatever you pick – office chair, kitchen chair, kneeling chair, or even a giant exercise ball – it should be comfortable and support your back. Especially if you’re likely to spend hours on a computer.

Task Lighting

Mood lighting is fun in the bedroom. But a home office is a place where work is being done, so don’t skimp on good, bright task lighting. Not only will it help you see what you’re doing, it will also help you feel less tired after a long day’s work.


A little help for you back to school preparations | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterWorking in a messy office, with files piled here and there and having to spend ages trying to find something will not help you feel efficient and accomplished.

A workspace that’s too messy might even send you hurrying to work in the kitchen!

But a lot of the bigger mess is easily fixed, even if your home office space is much smaller than you would like.

Our bookcases come in a range of sizes from tall to short and wide to narrow. We stock corner cabinets that will let you make the most of the space you have available. Pot cupboards are great for storing stacks of files, and small filing cabinets can easily fit under a desk or table. So just because your home office is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be messy!


The best home office is one you  don’t want to leave at the end of the day and can’t wait to get into in the mornings. And one way to achieve that feat is to make your office uniquely yours.

Your workspace should inspire you. So there’s nothing wrong with choosing a wall colour you like, a poster, painting or photograph that speaks to you to hang over your desk or to place that chunk of rock you brought back from Cornwall and that reminds you of the perfect holiday right where you can see it. Having a plant on your desk or even in the room, can make you feel better – some house plants have hidden talents in cleaning the air!

Add a rug that makes you smile, a notice board that reminds you of good times with friends, a big squashy pillow to stuff in your back, a scented candle or a few leaves you’ve collected on your walk that morning. Accessories don’t have to be large to make a large impact on your mood.

5 Things to Help you Create a Hardworking Home Office | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Whatever space you can turn into your very own hardworking home office, make sure it’s a space you’ll enjoy working in. Make it yours, make it as bright as appeals to you, make it comfortable, well lit, and tidy… and add accessories that will inspire your work.

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The Magic of Bedside Tables: Decluttering for a Great Night’s Sleep!

The magic of bedside tables: decluttering for a good night's sleep! | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester | image credit: humoto abrianto from unsplash.comHave you ever woken up exhausted and feeling as if you’ve not slept at all? It’s a horrible feeling. And never mind how much coffee you’ll use to combat it, chances are good that the whole day will be a struggle. There are many reasons you may have slept badly: stress, a late dinner that disagreed with you, excess noise, a worn-out mattress, a book you couldn’t put down until late, problems at work, or – surprisingly – clutter.  Bedroom clutter, to be precise.

Bedroom decor trends change yearly. Colours, textures and accessories that are all the rage one year are barely looked at the next. Then, of course, there’s functionality, space and storage to consider, and – most important of all – personal style.

Very few people would be happy sleeping in a bare white room furnished with just a bed, a rug and some curtains – however Zen it might be. Your bedrooms is your sanctuary, and you want to be able to relax when you finally make it to bed at night.

The magic of bedside tables | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterSo how do you square that need with the fact that the chances of hours of undisturbed leep are higher the less clutter surrounds you when you close your eyes?

Fairly easily, actually.

By removing items that stimulate your minds into wakefulness from your line of sight, be they books, games, papers, or electronics. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read in bed, or listen to music, or finish the evening with a sudoku puzzle. You can do all of these things, but then… before turning off the light… just place those items out of sight.

There’s a reason bedside tables are one of our best-selling products. They provide storage space for items you usually keep around your bed, giving you the chance to get a good night’s rest in a clutter-free space.

How to Create a Dreamy Bedroom | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and BicesterAnd since bedside tables come in a multitude of configurations, you’re bound to find one that will suit your way of spending the last hour before going to sleep.

For the naturally tidy: a minimalist bedside table will offer just enough space for a light, an alarm clock, or a house plant.

For the readers: a bedside table with shelf provides space to stack books out of your line of sight, so you can sleep without your mind continuing to ponder who killed Aunt Agatha’s poodle or whether the dashing pirate managed to rescue his beloved.

For the gamesters and newshounds: a bedside table with drawers will let you store your phone and tablet out of sight. Most important, that, since electronic devices are high on the list of items that will disrupt your sleeping patterns. If you can’t bear to ban the electronics from your bedroom entirely, then a closed drawer is a good compromise.

With such a huge variety of bedside tables and nightstands available, you’re bound to find one that will help you keep your sleeping space peaceful and clutterfree. And if you’d like some advice on which might be suit, then why not visit our Banbury or Bicester stores and talk to our friendly staff?

We’re always delighted to help.

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Getting the Best from This Year’s Autumn Colour Trends

How we decorate our homes is an ever changing story. Trends come and go. Some are timeless. Some last years. And some are all the rage for a short while – remember avocado bathroom suites? – and gone when the season ends.

Fortunately, not every item in our homes needs to conform to the latest trends in home decor, or even the latest hot colour trends. It’s quite acceptable to mix and match. Furniture – especially the larger pieces – is often bought with a long-term view, as are carpets, bespoke window treatments, and sofas. Many furniture designs are largely timeless, providing a backdrop of style that you can layer and build on.

Soft furnishings, and to some extent, wall colours, are the real trendy pieces. They’re easy to change with the seasons and right now, the trendy love deep, rich berry and woodland colours. Plum and damson shades like the ones found on DesignSeeds’ fabulous Instagram page add depth and warmth to any room. Think cushions and blankets, and even wall colour if you’re inclined to get the paintbrush out.

Russets, browns and deep greens also join the trend, more woodland inspiration for you to draw on. Think bark, mushrooms, and tree trunks and you’ll realise that this year’s hottest autumn colour trend is not just about colour. It’s just as much about texture. Layering rugs, different fabrics, furs and chunky knits, and adding wooden or wrought iron decor pieces will bring your style choices right up to date.

Autumn Colour Trends: Woodland tones | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine

Autum colour trends tend to be about prolonging the sense of summer, or about adding a distinctive feel of cosiness and warmth. This autumn, it’s all about cosy. And solid wood furniture makes a fabulous base for anything autumnal.

Adopting the trend doesn’t mean you have to go rustic. Deep greens and berry tones work equally well if you’re after a sophisticated look, whether you add a distressed copper centrepiece to your dining room, invest in damson table linen or find a cosy, mushroom-coloured knit blanket, you’ll be right there with this autumn’s hottest trend.

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Dashing Dining Sets

It’s that time of year where many of us turn our thoughts to long dinners with friends and family. Recipe books are consulted for warming stews, casseroles and pies. The roasting trays are dusted off… and a new dining table ends up as the first item on the shopping list!

Whether you’ve just moved house or finally moved into your first own pad, for most of us a dining table is one of our furniture essentials. Somewhere to enjoy the day’s first cup of tea or coffee. Somewhere for the kids to do their homework. Somewhere to bring friends and family together.

Even the smallest flat needs a dining table, so visiting our Bicester or Banbury store to check out our newest collections of dashing dining sets is time well spent.

If you’ve not visited us in a while, we urge you to do so now, because we’ve just taken delivery of some very fine and stylish dining sets.

Dashing Dining Sets from our new Mango Collection | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

Our new Mango furniture collection is practically walking out the door, and no wonder given the looks and versatility of these pieces. The trestle-style tables and benches are very much on trend and look stunning whether your dining room has a rustic feel or a modern style. Team with a full set of dining chairs, or match with dining chairs and a bench for a more space-saving combination.

If you’d rather add a touch of exotic luxury, then our Sheesham Rosewood Jali dining sets might be the pieces for you. Intricately detailed and in a stunning colour, these are dining sets to make a statement in any formal dining room.

Dashing Dining Sets from our Sheesham Rosewood Jali Collection | A World of Oak A Touch of Pine Banbury and Bicester

And you don’t need a huge, formal dining space to enjoy our Jali dining furniture. A small square table with two matching chairs is just the thing to make your first romantic meal in your brand-new home a huge success…

If you’re still balancing your dinner on your lap while wishing you had a dining table handy, then why not visit our Banbury or Bicester stores. We’d be delighted to show off old favourites as well as our newest pieces!

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